Interpretation of numbers
The art of estimating the future
through fun and pleasure


Man has longed to know his destiny from time immemorial. Millennia ago, as today, there were more ways to better create oneself but also my future. Numerology, half science and half art have long been striving for better self-knowledge. It experienced its heyday but also the period of decline when it was considered charlatanism and empty words.
Our goal is to make the interpretation of numbers fun and a pleasure.


Numerology has existed for millennia: the Japanese specialize in this field.
It deals with various issues, including our character, destiny, happiness and failures.
But first, you need to find out your number.
This is done as follows: let's take a date, for example
12. 12. 1975.
The sum of these numbers is 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 is equal to the number 28. Because the last number is two digits, we count it again 2 + 8 = 10, and again 1 + 0 = 1.
Your number is 1.
We do not guarantee the safety of this horoscope, but we offer you fun, which may surprise you.



Your Patronus is the Sun. Your life can be full of success provided you work hard and hard all the time, no matter which area. The ambition of the "unit", its desire for success, are the central slogans of its life. She loves to listen to the compliment. Some "units" will use friendship for their own purposes. Thanks to their decisive approach to things, "units" can always gain a leading position. When things go wrong, they can become unfair.




Your planet is the moon. You are characterized by tact and diplomacy. People born in the sign of the "two" are friendly, easily establish various contacts and achieve life success only if they work with others. They bravely can take on difficult tasks. They are kind, require charm and joy, their optimism allows good relations with others. in others arouse zeal, resurrect energy, they gain nothing by force, everything comes to them as if it were themselves.




Your planet is Jupiter. The "number 3" are sociable, optimistic, they care that everything develops as best they can. They celebrate success as great speakers, they have a tremendous ability to observe, to notice things. In case of failure, they can get back on their feet quickly. They do not dive into unnecessary problems at work, they are rather superficial, but they do great in what they do, they need love to live like oxygen, and many actors were born as "3".




Your planet is Saturn. It is he who brings "four" material success, but also a very realistic view of the world, which is not burdened by any dreams. If the "four" succeeds, there is always hard concrete work behind it. Her friends and acquaintances know that they can always count on it, although she is not one to demonstrate her feelings on the outside. The "fours" value family life and habits from childhood, although over time they realize that they are not the best.




Your planet is Mercury, who endows the "5" quickly in action, they are ready, volcanic energies. Life is a constant adventure for them. They are completely foreign to them. They are completely foreign to them. They are intelligent, agile, progressive, emotional. If they have a problem - they do it in an unconventional way. Routine kills them, they filter out special responsibilities.




Your planet is Venus. She leads to ideals, to great and noble goals, brings harmony to life. Most of the "six" achieve responsible functions in the profession. Beauty and harmony are key in their actions. They have a relationship with music and art. They do not tolerate misunderstandings. to whom others like to entrust their affairs, but they should not give others too much trust.




Your planet is Uranus, which helps to think logically and, moreover, often wishes for philosophy, which leads many to solitude and isolation. Life experiences make the "sevens" nervous and distrustful, they can't be easily handcuffed. Areas that can bring success: scientific, research, technology. Many philosophers and eccentrics have NUMBER "seven".




The ruling planet is Mars. Thanks to him, the "eights" have money and success at work. They can get rich and apply, provided that they are well prepared for the profession and entrust their finances under the control of others. However, they are not just focused on money or egoists. They have a lot of understanding for human nature, for its weaknesses and mistakes. They are always ready to help, they commit to pull others out of trouble and hardship.




Your planet is Neptune. Mood swings are an essential characteristic of the nature of "nines". They lead an incredibly disorganized way of life. Over the years they become egocentric, which in many cases causes some isolation from the environment, although it must be admitted that they are excellent against many of their friends' weaknesses. almost like a seismograph, they react to the moods and atmosphere of their surroundings, they are sensitive to the colors and effects of the landscape, nature.
  • Fate in numbers

Everyone has their own zodiac sign, in which he was born. But it also has its number, which changes every year. In the system of numbers, life flows in nine-year cycles each year brings its own impulses.
If you want to know what awaits you in 2020 or the following year, a simple mathematical operation is enough:
  1. You will add a year to the day and month of your birth 2020 (2021).
    • E.g.:
      You were born on May 23rd (23.5.). You will add a year to that date 2020. You calculate the numbers as follows:
      2 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14.
  2. If you get a double-digit result, keep counting until you get number between 1 and 9.
    In our example 1 + 4 = 5
    For the person in our example, the year 2020 is YEAR 5.



Overall atmosphere: This is a very important year for you, because a new, nine-year cycle is starting for you. Don't dwell on what happened. Look ahead, implement new projects. It is a year of renewal. If you decide to act, you will build something that will last the whole cycle and maybe even longer.
Work: You will not lack courage or willpower. Press the accelerator pedal and you will create a new, excellent situation. But be careful, in the first year you can only count on yourself, you will not have much help from outside. Only your own actions will guarantee success. And what's more: new interests, progress, change. All you have to do is hold the rudder in your hands.
Emotional life: Everything that starts this year is important, you can even meet someone who will count on you. In marriage, you will initiate action and perhaps even dominate.
It is possible to move, financial investments, great love, progress, journeys - look to the future with enthusiasm.




Overall atmosphere: The two point to a bifurcation, a struggle between harmony and conflict. It leads to full unity, belonging, friendship, but also to discussions and disputes, negation. You will need a lot of diplomacy to keep the balance in the situations you find yourself in. Avoid thinking without thinking, avoid aggression and the announcement of final judgments. It's a year of interpersonal relationships.
Work: Do not try to impose your will at all costs, but try to improve existing relationships, cooperation. Only harmony will allow creative work, the implementation of a joint project or finding a good job. The guarantee of success will be friendship and a spirit of belonging.
Emotional life: This sphere is privileged for the "two". The year oscillates between harmony and conflict, which can be reflected in the lasting harmony of angry partners. It also means the beginning, cohabitation, marriage, or vice versa (conflict) - separation, divorce. In order to survive well, you need to show more understanding for others, sensitivity, intuition and imagination.
You have to arm yourself with patience, because things will develop rather slowly, gradually, but don't lose your head when a joint event with friends or another person is not immediately successful. Don't give in to depression. You have to think of others, stop thinking only of yourself.




Overall atmosphere: The rhythm of the third year will be fast, easy, full of revelations and contacts. He wishes for understanding and an excellent relationship with his surroundings. A year full of meetings and implementation of commitments. Successes in many areas.
Work: Any action that emphasizes your ability to communicate with your surroundings will succeed and in addition: business, psychology, group work, in a team, foreign languages, work in the field of literature, writing, social area are dominant. Avoid loneliness and anguish, I try on my own. It is a creative year when writing, theater and art will prosper.
Emotional life: Lots of space for emotion. Easy contacts. But they will be short flirty rather than a great love for life. On the other hand, you can find and develop friendships for life. Joy of life, friendly meetings, great fun.
A dynamic year, a return of self-confidence, you can fully prove your possibilities. In financial matters, unforeseen expenses, but also the inflow of cash. Journeys, downloads, new interests: you will be the soul of every society.




Overall atmosphere: The effort put into the first three years of the cycle is beginning to bear fruit. But be careful, don't start resting on your laurels, you have to keep going and keep what you already own. Don't change anything, just persevere and patiently head towards the previously chosen goal. Your current and future stabilization will depend on it.
Work: This is an important year for this area. Conscientiousness and patience - these are your strengths. The rhythm will be quite slow, but do not hesitate and do not put your hands in your lap. It takes a lot of effort and work, but its fruits will be lasting.
Emotional life: Work consumes you almost exclusively, and feelings can suffer as a result. It's a serious year, no flirty and fun. If you bet on honesty and loyalty, you can meet the right person.
Strengthening foundations, stabilization. You're on the right track. Do what you have previously set out to do.




Overall atmosphere: Finally a change, a feeling of freedom. You can test your concepts. Full flowering, transformation, movement, great acceleration and the need for a certain dose of callousness. Take the opportunity. It is a time of great chances, full of surprises - an improvement in the situation in all areas.
Work: Be prepared for big changes. Year of progress, development. Suitable for business trips, extension of scope, investments. You need to make contacts quickly and adapt to the situation.
Emotional life: The time of adventure has come, in line with your sense of independence. If you are tied up, be careful not to harm your family life.
It is a year of independence and expansion, in addition it can bring trips, meetings, improvement of the material situation, change of way of life, moving. Don't worry about the risks.




Overall atmosphere: Work and household are the two poles of this year. You will have to make decisions in both. Stabilization, improvement of living standards. However, it is also a year of serious elections.
Work: „YEAR 6“ corresponds to evolution at work, but also to a change in the nature of work, progress, or reorganization, changes in the hierarchy, changes in work plans. You may be faced with a difficult choice. Financial matters will develop well - but try to get money from your debtors. Success in household investments.
Emotional life: „6“ it means above all family life, the home fireplace. It can be improving housing conditions, or getting a cottage, the birth of a child, an engagement, a wedding, the return of a loved one after a long separation. Domestic problems are growing, but the year will still be harmonious, love will occupy an important place in it. A year of reconciliation, peace, family warmth.
Make prudent and judicious decisions. Do not hesitate. True love and harmony are within your reach. The guarantor of success is the family and the house. You are responsible for them.




Overall atmosphere: You were able to speed things up, but he forgot about the brakes. It is a year of slow turns, concentration and peace. Time stops, allowing the privilege of spiritual matters. Everything related to the spirit will take precedence: intellectual work, great journeys, self-discovery.
Work: The situation at work will not change in a flash. It's a year of transition, rich in surprises, in which everything can succeed. Patience! Think about what is most important, put together the right hierarchy for all matters. Look for inner peace.
Emotional life: A positive, calm year, designed to take stock of past years. Happiness in the emotional sphere is possible, but once again - patience.
Loneliness is not necessary for you to think hard about your affairs. Don't waste time. Break away a little from everyday life and superficial social gatherings. Try to find the right weight for the thing. This is how you gain new strength.




Overall atmosphere: A specific year in every respect. Successes in finance. However, you need to develop a lot of energy on the path that you have already chosen. You have to fight for the realization of your plans. Quick decisions, effective action, fruitful work.
Work: Progress, progress in work. You will make a lot of money, you will be appreciated, you may get new, leading positions. You will implement ambitious projects. Possibility of advantageous investments.
Emotional life: The crisis in marriage? Be careful, because this year is full of impulsivity. Avoid aggression, jealousy, exaggerated feelings. If the emotional situation is stabilized, maybe you will get married? Or can it happen that a matter of pure work gives birth to a sudden feeling of emotion?
A very important year of the cycle. It favors labor affairs and finances, or it may be a matter of stabilizing an existing relationship. Take care of your health and finances if you have not been able to live sparingly in previous years. Possibility of problems with the judgment.




Overall atmosphere: End of nine-year cycle. Year of balancing and in preparation for the new cycle. Everything you have managed to get in the last eight years, you have to analyze, but even that is not enough. You need to break, cut off everything that failed the test of time, what failed, or what you can no longer stand. It's a year in which you'll have to put a lot of things in order.
Work: Don't start anything new, if you do, you run the risk that it won't last long. If you did not succeed in the field of work, maybe "Year 9" will be a year of change for the better, resignation from uninteresting work. If you have succeeded, you will now reap the fruits of your nine years of work. A year suitable for work related to foreign countries.
Emotional life: A little tension in emotional matters. It can mean the end of a serious matter (marriage or friendship), divorce. It will be a year of consolidating what is good, but also temporary quarrels, be careful not to turn them into something more serious.
Year of fulfillment. You will increase the positives and get rid of what failed or what you feel as a burden. Period of washing science and studies of various kinds.
  • Aztec horoscope

 Aztec horoscope  is over two thousand years old and to this day it has lost nothing of its relevance. It allows you to get a prediction of the near future through very simple calculations through nine figures „winged snake".
You must count all your birth date numbers to get a prediction
(e.g. 16. 10. 1975: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 30; 3 + 0 = 3)
and then all the numbers of the date of the day on which the prophecy takes place
(e.g. 24. 12. 2020 = 2 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4),
finally, we count the resulting numbers of both dates 3 + 4 = 7. The sum obtained will show the figure in which you will find it „prognosis“ concerning the near future in your life.
In our case, it is Wind sign (7). However, it may happen that the sum of both dates gives us e.g. number 15, then another counting is needed (1 + 5).
The prophecy should not be repeated until a month after the first prognosis, because it takes so much time for the numbers in the "winged snake" to take new places and show you a new prediction.


1 - Cayman or Crocodile

If the final sum of all the important numbers for you is 1 or 10, you are simply experiencing magical moments. It is one of the happiest times in your life, the next time will be rich in love, meetings, joy, cheerful mood, numerous company. There will also be moments of well-being for old partners, who will discover a new beauty of coexistence right now.



2 - Goat

It's a moment of waiting, pausing. Just as a goat sometimes pauses to run to see the surroundings from above, those who have earned this NUMBER must pause for a moment at what they have achieved so far. A pause period will help them realize the facts and gain strength. Valuable reports on finance and labor.



3 - Water

Water is a symbol of the greatest positive in divination, meaning the cleansing and bursting of all the clouds that have run over your destiny. Joy, happiness, feeling, everything should develop now. Take advantage of this favorable situation and try to survive it as fully as possible. If there are moments of misunderstanding, they will pass very quickly. However, happiness in love will not be accompanied by a good situation. At work, this is not the best time to work.



4 - Reed

This astrological sign can be interpreted as a tendency to close in on itself, often indicating a character longing for loneliness, for living in memories, a person falling into depression if something does not develop according to his ideas. However, the reed is also a symbol of non-submission, non-submission to petty adversity, it brings the ability to face what time brings. Your near future is in pink, but it requires a strong will and zest for life.



5 - Ocelot or Jaguar

A small forest predator is a symbol of your near future: bright, viable, agile. You can count on a period rich in various possibilities: at work, in shops. In the realm of emotional successful encounters and beneficial phenomena, which can turn into permanent unions, even marriage, regardless of age.



6 - Vulture

It is a rather complicated sign, but not necessarily a negative one, because you can overcome most of the obstacles that are in front of you. If you feel closed, you find it impossible to overcome the wall, it will all disappear if you realize your considerable possibilities. These are sometimes dampened by your current emotional bond, but attempting even a small change in attitude will certainly be beneficial.



7 - Wind

Symbol of changing weather. A storm, a cyclone, a typhoon and maybe just a new blast? One thing is certain: concrete changes are coming to your life. Even if clouds appear on the horizon, they will certainly not be so numerous as to obscure the ability to think logically. The feeling the gift gives you will help you to overcome the unhappy moments. Be careful where the wind blows from.



8 - Fire

It means strength, vitality, action. Now comes one of those moments in which you must definitely take your destiny into your own hands and shape it in accordance with your choice, expectations and desires. You have great power, so use it without worries and look to your near future calmly and with confidence. Don't waste time hesitating.



9 - Rain

In ancient times, rain was always considered the "inclination of Happiness", the happiness and care of the gods. The Nine is the happiest number of the Aztec Astrology Chart: the next period of harvesting the efforts you made recently to create an important fact for you. You are in the sign of good fortune - realize that. The moment of bold action has come, especially in love, happiness is at hand.

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